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The mission of the Global Energy Solutions (GES) Forum is to create an annual platform for research and scientific institutions, corporations, investors, policy makers and representatives of multilateral institutions to dialogue, discuss and provide guidance on solutions to enhance energy security at the national, regional and global levels. The Forum is part of a wider effort of the Geneva-based Global Challenges Forum.

The goal of the GES Forum is to contribute to international cooperative efforts to meet energy needs more sustainably. Emphasis will be placed on identifying innovative energy solutions that will benefit Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief (HA/DR) initiatives. The focus will be on sharing information about current energy security challenges and best innovative energy solution practices, and on identifying solutions that can enhance continuity of energy supply at sustainable environmental and financial costs.


Stimulated by recent natural disasters in Japan, Haiti, Indonesia and elsewhere, compounded by rapid population growth and growing urbanization in the largely energy poor developing world, the Forum will focus on the energy security challenges, and their potential solutions, faced by Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief (HA/DR) Responder organizations when preparing for and responding to natural disasters. This inaugural Forum will offer participating Responder and Sustainable Energy Solution Provider organizations the opportunity to share their experiences, best practices and key energy solution challenges and solutions.


HA/DR RESPONDERS - HA/DR Responders representing International Government Organizations (IGOs), Humanitarian Aid-focused Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and Military First Responders will describe their energy security challenges and identify their critical areas of demand for sustainable energy solutions.

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY SOLUTION PROVIDERS - Private and public sector technology innovators who are developing / providing Innovative Energy Security Solutions will describe existing and promising sustainable energy solutions and their current / potential application to priority HA/DR Responder energy security challenges.




Presenter & Panelist Speaking Points

Humanitarian Aid & Disaster Relief (HA/DR) Responder Key Note Speaker

Topic: “Key Energy Security* Trends and Challenges Facing HA/DR Responders”

- Overview of the major trends impacting the sustainable energy challenges of HA/DR Responders

- Estimate of the extent of HA/DR Responder segment reliance on fossil fuel for energy when preparing for and responding to the needs of populations distressed by natural disasters

- Comprehensive look at energy security initiatives being undertaken across major IGO/NGO/Military responders, including emphasis on greater energy efficiency, reduced reliance on fossil fuels and increased adoption of alternative energy   sources

- Steps toward meeting the challenges of creating a culture of sustainable energy awareness across the IGO/NGO/Military Responder sector

- Notable initiatives demonstrating successful collaboration of IGO/NGO/Military Responders with Academia and Industry to find sustainable energy solutions which can act as models for future collaborative efforts


Innovative Energy Solution Provider Key Note Speaker

Topic: “Developing Sustainable Technical Solutions to the Energy Security Challenges Facing HA/DR Responders”

- Overview of major energy security trends across the globe, with emphasis on energy insecure regions

- Overview of the major ongoing sustainable energy initiatives that have potential application to IGO/NGO/Military HA/DR Response situations

- Examples of successful collaboration between Industry/Academia and IGO/NGO/Military HA/DR Responder organizations to develop and deploy innovative energy security solutions

- Policy initiatives needed to facilitate further IGO/NGO/Military HA/DR Responder-Solution Provider collaborative energy security solution development and dissemination initiatives

*Note: Energy Security is defined as assuring continuity of supply at a sustainable cost, to include direct cost of energy and externalities such as environmental and social impacts.


HA/DR Responder Panelists

[Separate Military & IGO/NGO Responder Panels consisting of 3/4 panelists each, lead by a Moderator]

Theme: “Energy Security Challenges Facing Responder Organizations & Current Initiatives”

- Brief description of their respective organization, with emphasis on entity’s HA/DR mission

- Estimate of organization’s current level of reliance on fossil fuels for energy

- Identification of the major energy security challenges their organization faces when responding to natural disasters. These include securing sustainable sources to meet the energy

  demands for: Water, Sanitation & Hygiene; Transportation & Logistics; Food & Nutrition; Emergency Medical; Emergency Shelter; Emergency Telecommunications & Cyber Security;

  Mobile Energy Sources; Safety & Personal Security.)

- Description of the energy security enhancement projects being pursued and results to date

- Wish list of priority types of sustainable solutions they desire to increase their energy security, lower their costs and enhance their response capability


Energy Solution Provider Panelists

[Separate Energy Solution Provider Panels to Address the Sustainable Energy Challenges Facing Military & IGO/NGO Providers, consisting of 3/4 Panelists each, led lead by a Moderator]

Theme: “Sustainable Technical Innovations Under Development/Being Deployed to Assist Responder Organizations Meet Their Energy Security Challenges”

- Brief description of their solution provider organization and its HA/DR-relevant mission

- Overview of key energy security solutions they are addressing (including research, field trials and commercial application initiatives), organized by type of

  energy demand, including energy for: Water, Sanitation & Hygiene; Transportation & Logistics; Food & Nutrition; Emergency Medical; Emergency Shelter;

  Emergency Telecommunications & Cyber Security; Mobile Energy Sources; Safety & Personal Security

- Assessment of how their respective organization’s existing and potential energy solution(s) have helped/can help meet HA/DR Responder energy security challenges in a more sustainable way by assuring continuity of supply, lowering coats  and/or reducing negative externalities

- Recommendations regarding steps that can be taken to enhance cooperative efforts among technology innovators and HA/DR Responders




  • Welcome & Introduction 
  • Responder Key Note: “HA/DR Energy Security Trends & Challenges”  
  • Panel of Military Responders:
  • Panel of Military Responders: Moderator Rear Admiral (Ret.)  W. B. Carpenter & Panelist Rear Admiral M. Buzby, USN
  • Panel of IGO/NGO Responders


  • Solution Provider Key Note: “Sustainable Energy Solutions for HA/DR Responders”
  • Panel of Sustainable Energy Solution Providers
  • Plenary Discussion, Summary & Next Steps
  • Close of Program

DATE & LOCATION: November 01 of 2012 at the State University of New York (SUNY) Global Center, under the Chairmanship of Vice Chancellor Dr. Mitch Leventhal.

CONTACT: Dr. William M. O'Keefe, Global Energy Solutions Forum Lead, SUNY Global Center, 116 East 55th Street, New York, NY, 10022.

Telephone: 212.317.3557. Fax 518-320-1580 Email: Click here to Email Dr. O'Keefe

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