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About SUNY Global

Welcome to SUNY Global!  One of the Six Big Ideas cited in the Power of SUNY, the work of the SUNY and the World innovation team produced SUNY and the World: Toward Comprehensive Internationalization.  The strategic plan that guides the work of SUNY Global sets ambitious goals for the internationalization of the largest unified system of higher education.  Some major areas of focus: 

  • Education abroad
  • International student enrollment and retention
  • Faculty and research internationalization
  • Curricular internationalization

SUNY Global, through extensive engagement with the 64 campuses of the SUNY system, seeks to provide the infrastructure and services needed to allow us to harness the Power of SUNY -- our systemness -- to become more engaged with the world than ever before.  We are working to ensure that every student have access to the richness of a global education; attention to diversity in international programming is essential. 

We hope that every SUNY campus will join us on this journey into the future.  Through the comprehensive internationalization of each SUNY institution, together we seek to prepare globally competent graduates ready for the challenging careers of the new millennium. 


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