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SUNY Global - Office of International Recruitment

Welcome to SUNY's Office of International Recruitment!

The Office of International Recruitment (OIR) is developing strategies and systems to increase international student enrollment at SUNY campuses. The office is based at the SUNY Global Center in New York City.

As part of SUNY’s overall international recruitment plan, an agency strategy has been put in place where OIR manages a global network of AIRC-certified international student recruitment agencies. SUNY campuses have been given the choice of opting in to this strategy. Thirty-four of SUNY’s campuses have opted-in and this group of campuses is now referred to as SUNY Select.

If you are an agent interested in working with SUNY, please visit our dedicated page for Prospective agents, where you will find more information on the process to become a SUNY agent.

If you are one of our current agents, please visit the website for Current agents, which contains relevant information and resources for you.

If you are an international student interested in studying at a SUNY campus, please visit our International Students page for more information. 

Please direct any additional questions to Krista Northup, Director of International Recruitment and Agency Operations.

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