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Prospective Agents

Welcome and thank you for your interest in working with SUNY!

The State University of New York is the largest comprehensive university system in the United States, educating nearly 468,000 students in more than 7,500 degree and certificate programs on 64 campuses with nearly 3 million alumni around the globe. SUNY offers an extensive range of academic programs including engineering, business, literature, art, medicine, agriculture, education, performing arts, human services and many more. The impact of international students at SUNY is profound. Their presence qualitatively improves the academic experience for domestic students at SUNY and improves the research capacities of campuses. As part of Chancellor Zimpher’s strategic vision to diversify SUNY campuses, the university intends to utilize its agency recruiting channel to increase international enrollment.

Agency partnership is one of the key strategies to increase international student enrollment and diversify SUNY campuses. SUNY seeks to establish an extensive network of agencies around the world through a cyclical contracting process. We have recently begun a new, centralized approach to agency relations whereby all our contracts are centralized through SUNY’s Office of International Recruitment. Given that SUNY is a state agency, there is a required procurement process that agents must go through in order to contract services. The procurement process requires the submission of a response to a call for proposals which asks for information like: mission of the company, knowledge of SUNY, background of the Directors or Owners, locations of offices, etc.  For more information on how to apply to become a SUNY approved agent, see the Request For Proposals (RFP) below. 

The below Request for Proposals was released on June 24, 2013 and the deadline for submissions has passed.

Do NOT submit proposals in response to this RFP. This RFP is an EXAMPLE ONLY and that the contents and requirements may change before the next RFP is released.

EXAMPLE ONLY: Request for proposals - International Student Recruitment Agency Services - Expired July 30, 2013 (pdf)

One of the most important requirements of the above mentioned RFP is to show that your company or organization has – or is going through – AIRC certification.  AIRC is an accreditation body focused on ethical practices for and in using agents.  In order to become certified, you have to go through a self-study, pay an accreditation fee and then bring an evaluator from the association to your offices to just be sure everything checks out and is legit. 

American International Recruitment Council (AIRC)

A committee of representatives reads and evaluates agent RFP submissions. Agents are selected based upon strong submissions that include all required documentation.

Once an agent has been selected, one central contract is initiated with the agent that covers all opt-in campuses. 

The steps to becoming an authorized SUNY recruitment representative are outlined below:

Steps to becoming an authorized SUNY recruitment representative chart

Advantages of being a SUNY Authorized Recruitment Partner:

  1. Ability to enroll students at one of the world’s largest comprehensive university

  2. Provide prospective students with campus options ranging from University Centers to Community Colleges - find a fit for every budget and every student need

  3. Ability to enroll qualified students to 34 campuses of SUNY

  4. Receive campus based information directly from campus representatives

  5. Receive continuous training about SUNY, its admission process, application follow ups, etc. from the Office of International Recruitment and access to password protected file sharing website to view Agency Training Manual including profiles of all “opt-in” campuses with counseling notes

  6. Assistance from SUNY’s Office of International Recruitment for planning and coordinating marketing activities

  7. Agent office visits by campuses for direct interaction with students

  8. Access to international focused marketing materials for promotional purposes

  9. Invitations for networking events and interact with SUNY university officials and stakeholders

  10. Invitations to campus familiarization trips for first-hand experience of the campus facilities 

If you wish to be added to our list of prospective agents to be notified when the next RFP is released, please contact Kirsten L. Feddersen, Manager of International Recruitment and Agency Operations.

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